How to choose / buy the best CRM software ?

Megabyte has been a CRM expert for many years …

Good knowledge of your customer increases his satisfaction !

Do these situations sound familiar ?

  • « My colleague is absent. I have to replace him immediately for a meeting with a customer. I don’t seem to find an overview of the customer’s history ».
  • « Every employee keeps their own Excel file on his PC. It is impossible to centralize the data and I never know which version is the most recent ».
  • « I need to perform an urgent intervention at a customer but I don’t have the necessary information to log on to his system ».
  • « One of my customers has a remark about a particular service. Normally I don’t have contact with this person. I don’t know his function within the company ».

CRM can simplify your life and help you save time …
It will make sure you are always informed about your customer’s history, you will be able to call your customers at the right time, you will have all useful information at your fingertips and all customer data is stored in one single database.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful solution
It allows you to bring together all your data and business applications: finance, operations, sales, marketing, customer service, field service, talent management, project management, retail management, etc. You benefit from a new generation of CRM and ERP applications hosted in the cloud and accessible from a single platform.

From data to people to processes, unify your business with smart, modern business solutions that adapt to your changing needs. With Dynamics 365, managing your business becomes fully integrated and agile.

Did you know if is possible to quickly find the following information :

  • business associations
  • invoicing data
  • payment history
  • contact persons
  • customer preferences
  • their organisational structure
  • customer type : VIP customer,…
  • birthdays
  • etc.

All customer documents and emails are located in the same place and can be accessed by your employees at any moment. Don’t forget …
A satisfied customer is an ambassador for your company !

CRM ensures you have access to :

  • Customer data
    You have access to all customer documents, information and history : contact information, correspondence (quotes, mailings, …), accounting data, payment history, contact persons, customer type, etc.
  • Sales opportunities
    You can see in the blink of an eye what a customer bought, how much he paid, how long ago, what he almost bought, etc. Closely follow your opportunities, sales and open orders .
    The sales cycle is automated and the quotes are visible for all.
    You are always informed and up-to-date : sales, results per sales person, business gained and lost, etc.
  • Aftersales
    Keep yourself informed about customers’ questions or complaints.
    You can see why and how often a customer has called, and also which solutions have been presented to him.

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