5 good reasons to choose Winbooks Accounting

WinBooks Accounting is an easy and dynamic accounting software. It boasts attractive, dynamic and colourful screens.
WinBooks Accounting has been designed to offer you an easy, user-friendly experience. Accounting : the easy accounting tool that suits your needs.

  • General Accounting

    • Manage your general accounting in real-time.
    • Fast and dynamic entries.
    • Management and legal lists.
    • Follow-up on accounts receivable.
    • Management tools.
    • Integrated automation.
    • Active security.
  • Transfers

    • Create supplier transfer proposals based on the due dates of the purchase invoices.
    • Select and/or modify outstanding payments.
    • Corresponding invoices.
    • Possibility to pay other beneficiaries (e.g. : employees) with possible retrieval of old payments slips.
  • Invoicing

    • Immediate registration into accounting, once the invoice or the credit note have been entered.
    • Possibility to correct an invoice until the periodic cut-off.
    • Advanced configuration of the invoice lay-out (logo, colours,…).
    • Unlimited layouts linked to one or more ledger accounts.
    • Invoices, credit notes and other document types (quotes, consignment notes,…).
    • Convert quotes or consignment notes into invoices.
    • Memos per document, article discount, global discount, freight charges, comment table and list of memo templates, automated printing, batch processing,…
    • Maintain multiple prices, discounts per customer type.
    • Automatically create invoices based on previously booked billing plans. Possibility to determine the invoice frequency for each document.
  • Coda Recuperation

    This module allows for an automated retrieval of ledger accounts by importing bank statements sent by your bank, ISABEL or CODABOX. You will save a lot of time and reduce the possibility of errors during posting.

  • Analytical Accounting

    The management tool will generate one or more analytical proposals. This depends on the organization type and the required analyses. Once an accounting document is received, WinBooks will open a window that will help you create the analytical division. You can configure the tool to run this process automatically or on-demand. Various lists (historical, balances,…) allow you to analyse the costs and products based on their origin, their justification or their intended use in the company.

  • Intrastat

    This module makes it possible to generate the Intrastat data once the invoices have been booked in accounting, or afterwards with access to the official nomenclature.
    A provisional statement is generated with the possibility to make changes before sending.

  • Office API

    There is no limit to the editing options : changing, sorting, filtering,…  Excel users have the possibility to extract all necessary information from WinBooks.

    • Export accounting lists from WinBooks into Excel.
    • WinBooks menus and functions are integrated into Excel and allow the export of accounting data from an Excel worksheet.
    • Possibility to make your own custom-made dashboard.
    • Consolidate different worksheets : consolidate accounting balances from multiple years, from different files, from SQL queries.

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