Dematerialize your bank statements

CodaBox covers 95% of all banks !

Megabyte offers a complete service of retrieval and delivery of codified bank statements (CODA). These can be perfectly integrated in SAGE software. CodaBox also deals with all administrative formalities and technical communication with the bank.

CodaBox provides the accountants or customers with electronic bank statements.

The benefits of Codabox :

  • Security & Backup

    CodaBox uses security rules that have been approved by the banks to ensure data confidentiality.
    All documents are saved and backed up on a daily basis

  • Organization & Categorization

    CodaBox sorts and files your statements in a simple and efficient way.
    Find your statements by date, amount, number, etc.

  • Disponibility & Speed

    You no longer need to print or receive paper statements.
    CodaBox delivers every day the statements of the night before

  • Transfer method

    Via File Transfer Protocol Secure (FTPS), on a web platform or directly on the website of your accountant

  • Consultation & Export

    When the files are delivered, Codabox will also send a daily extract in PDF format. This will allow you to have a simple view of the extract

Why would you input bank statements that are already digitalized ? Try automatic injection instead !

Everything is done by Codabox : from the retrieval of statements till the delivery of ready-to-use codas.

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