BOB-Demat : Dematerialization made easy !

No future for paper : Move into the DigiDesk era ! Thanks to BOB-Demat your administration will be completely dematerialized

Save time with BOB-Demat dematerialization software !

Thanks to our BOB-Demat digitizing module, you can get rid of all the paper documents that clutter your desk (invoices, payslips, bank statements, reminders, …).

Enjoy the many benefits of dematerialization : easy filing, fast searches, easy sharing and stress-free handling of documents.

BOB-Demat is completely integrated with Sage BOB, and will book and send your invoices with only a few clicks …

  • No more handling of paper documents
  • Document templates are linked to suppliers
  • Automatic creation of new suppliers
  • Reduce the number of manipulations and lower the risk for errors
  • Reduce the time spent on handling invoices
  • Easy search functions and permanent access to original documents
  • Easily share your documents with colleagues or with external accountants

A paperless environment for administration and invoicing

Scan, categorize and send !

  • A digital space for all your administrative documents

    • Simply scan your documents (paper, pdf, xml…). BOB-Demat will sort them and file them automatically in a digital format
    • Share your documents with your external accountant’s Sage BOB Expert via a secure platform. No more travel costs
    • Get an updated overview of your customers, suppliers, products and services
    • Forget searching through your archives. Everything is structured in a central location
    • Limit the number of manual entries. Your data is recognized and automatically identified
  • Professional electronic invoicing (Quotes, invoices)

    • Quickly create offers and invoices and send them directly in a digital format.
      You only need to select your customer, the products, the price
    • Transform several price quotes into an invoice with one single click
    • Your invoices can be automatically saved
    • Check statistics about your activity, your customers and your products
    • Save time thanks to the intuitive screens
    • Edit your document by using predefined or personalized templates
  • Follow your payments (suppliers, customers) with one click

    • Benefit from payments lips that are automatically created and sent to your bank
    • Quickly send formal notices to bad payers

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