Megabyte works with renowned IT partners

Megabyte wants to offer its customers an impeccable service, and that is why we have constructed a network of trustworthy IT partners. These include Sage, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya, Qlik, etc.

Megabyte is a certified IT partner for everyone of them.

Our main IT partners :

Megabyte has obtained many IT management certifications

Why do we have IT management certifications ?

  • so that our employees master the solutions they install
  • so that we can guarantee an excellent service
  • so that we have access to first line information from our IT partners
  • so that we can benefit from our IT partner’s hotline and support
  • because we want things to be done properly

Strong points of your IT partner

  • Perfect help !

    Do you have a problem ? Do you need advice, consultancy ? We have the right experts who know what your company needs.

  • A long-term relationship

    The IT world is rapidly evolving and new possibilities are increasing day by day. If you want to make the best use of that trend, you need to innovate. Having a long-term relationship with us will simplify that evolution.

  • Efficient solutions

    The brands we distribute have proven their reliability. Combined with our experience this guarantees satisfaction. We can assure you that the daily use of our tools will contribute in creating a more efficient and profitable company.

  • The quality of our advice

    Our customers appreciate the benefits our solutions have to offer

  • The competence of our team

    We offer the best solutions in business management

  • « Long-term » Relationship

    Our most loyal customers have been working with us for more than 25 years. We work with many different brands and different suppliers. You can be sure that the solution we offer you will suit your needs perfectly.

  • Our teams are at your service

    Our customers appreciate our sense of collaboration.

Do you need help with your IT management ? Just ask !