BOB 50 Expert : Accounting software for fiduciairies

Sage BOB 50 Expert for chartered accountants was developed in collaboration with Fiduciaries so that it could better meet their needs

BOB 50 Expert is the best software for fiduciairies and chartered accountants

Sage BOB 50 Expert is a comprehensive accounting solution for accountants and bookkeepers.

It is designed to give our accountant customers all the functionalities they need to take care of all of their customers’ needs : keep track of their accounts, manage actions and invoicing, optimize planning and making the submission of the annual accounts easier.

Our solution for accounting and finances for Fiduciaries was developed to increase your added value, optimize your work and improve the actions you take on behalf of your customers.

Our main strengths  ?

  • Easy to use : Sage BOB 50 Expert is easy to use and fast to set up
  • Adaptability : You can adapt Sage BOB 50 Expert to suit your own specific working environment. If your needs are even more specific you can use a whole range of modules and functions !
  • Exclusive : You have access to special work-related features that allow interaction with all the documents in your accounting department

Sage BOB 50 Expert features

Sage BOB 50 Expert fits your needs, and not the other way round …

  • Accounting & Finance

Save precious time and avoid errors by making use of the large choice in modules : analytical accounting, fixed assets management, bank link (automated payment and retrieval of bank statements), BOB-OLE (dynamic links with Excel so that you can create your own reports), service management, etc.

  • Optimise your planning

The Sage BOB 50 Expert dashboard contains a planning tool with all tasks, grouped by subject (Tax law, VAT, Accounting, Social Security, …). The first page offers users an overview of all the tasks which can be directly selected …

  • “Expert” mode

One of the most appreciated “exclusive” features for tasks related to your specific sector. As an accountant or fiduciary you have many skills which have to be applied with respect for the law and for your trade …