Advantages of Winbooks on Web

WinBooks On Web combines the advantages of Cloud Computing with digitalisation and an efficient commercial and accounting management.

No need anymore for installing software on your computer. You can access the Internet via a simple browser. Your data and your software are hosted on remote servers which boast maximum security.

The advantages :

  • Simplicity

    WinBooks on Web is easy to configure and compatible with all browsers. As soon as you have received your login and password, you are ready to start WinBooks on Web and get down to business.

    No technical knowledge required. No need to worry about installation procedures, backups, updates or crashes. Those are taken care of.

    WinBooks on Web is automatically updated. This means you always have the latest version at your disposal.

    WinBooks on Web offers a user-friendly accounting system with a clean, intuitive and responsive interface.

    Simple to configure, easy to access, always up-to-date, user friendly and affordable.

  • Security

    A rock-solid and reliable backup system.

    Your data is secured with industry leading encryption in different data centers.

    This protects you against data loss : software corruption, accidental file deletion, hard drive crashes, theft, fires, flooding, …

  • Efficiency

    You always have access to your files, whenever you want and wherever you are. WinBooks on Web also boasts a flexible and modular approach which allows you to upgrade the software at your own pace.

    WinBooks on Web offers a scalable, customisable and modular solution.

  • Performance

    WinBooks on Web uses the latest database technologies and development tools. Thus the software guarantees future durability.

    By using the latest technologies, WinBooks on Web is able to respond and deliver rapidly to your needs.

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