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With StratFlag,
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The following 10 questions now have a concrete answer … StratFlag !

  • How do I choose the best keywords for my digital business ?
  • How to reduce the cost of my SEA campaigns while maximizing my visibility?
  • What is the strategy adopted by my competitors to be visible in Google ?
  • How to detect keyword opportunities before my competitors ?
  • What keywords should I put in my content to be referenced in record time ?
  • What titles should I put on my Youtube videos to be popular ?
  • I don’t have many conversions. Is my SEA and SEO relevant enough ?
  • How can I harmonize my SEO and SEA to increase leads ?
  • Does my SEO & SEA visibility progress over time without too much overlap ?
  • Don’t I pay for a SEA presence on a keyword that is already well positioned in SEO ?

Who is StratFlag for ?

  • Anyone who wishes to highlight their digital activity​
    The digitalisation of activities is booming. StratFlag identifies the best keywords to link to your business and ensures you have a quick presence on them to set you apart from your competitorsRegister and test the free version.

    To the B2B market as a whole​

    Whether you are a start-up with a promising future or an already well-established companyto be considered by a prospect you must be associated with your business. StratFlag allows you to maximize your visibility while controlling your advertising expenses thanks to a combined management of your natural (SEO) and paid (SEA) referencing on the same platform. Never seen before!
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  • Agencies wishing to save time and efficiency in customer/project management​Creating a semantic SEO / SEA universe for a client takes time and is tedious to do. StratFlag allows your agency to manage up to 20 clients and projects with disconcerting simplicity. In 4 clicks, you switch from one client to another. Guaranteed efficiency.
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