The principle of Cloud Computing

Traditionally, IT management is based on servers and PCs, software (accounting, invoicing, Office,…), and everything installed on the company’s premises.
Cloud computing is a different model where the company uses equipment and/or software that is located outside of their offices.
In the most extreme form of Cloud computing, the company doesn’t own IT material, nor system software or other applications. They will use the Cloud for their needs, whenever they want, and they will be invoiced for that usage.

In the simplest form of Cloud computing, the company buys its equipment and software and stores it in a data center.

You can rent :

  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) : renting a virtual server
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) : using ‘plug and play’ software
  • StaaS (Storage as a Service) : off-site data storage

Megabyte is the specialist in Cloud solutions (Microsoft, Windows, Office ,..) and Cloud services (cloud consulting)

The advantages of Cloud Computing

  • No investment. Buying is replaced by a monthly rental fee
  • Cost-sharing. Several customers will use the same server
  • Inexpensive basic services
  • Software and Hardware are protected in a data center

The drawbacks of Cloud Computing

  • Increased dependency on the quality and speed of your Internet connection
  • Loss of control over your data
    Data and software security : risk of data theft
  • Many partners which makes it difficult to maintain a global view
    Interaction between software is more difficult to implement
  • Legal insecurity
  • In the medium and long term the cost will be higher than that of a local IT service.

Conclusion : local IT or Cloud IT ? It all depends on your needs !

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You need an analysis to find out whether your company can benefit from a cloud solution.

The analysis will look at :

  • operational aspects,
  • financial aspects,
  • the risks of every specific solution.

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