It is nowadays difficult to imagine a company doing business without its IT infrastructure.

Implementation of Disaster Recovery Plan – Business Continuity Plan (DRP,BCP)

A Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) ensures that your company can quickly restart its activities

In the event of an incident or disaster (flooding, fire, abnormal power failure, etc.) a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) ensures a company can quickly restart its activities.

A whole series of events, major or minor (theft, overheating, shortcuts, flooding, fire, etc.) can damage your IT infrastructure.

A recovery plan will identify the team members and their respective roles. It will also contain a list of procedures to follow.

A DRP, “Disaster Recovery Plan” (or Business Continuity Plan) – combined with your backup system – allows you to reconstruct your IT infrastructure and restart your company’s activity.

What is the purpose of a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) ?

In case of an incident or disaster, your DRP will reduce the time it takes to restore your data. This reduces financial losses as well.

A company needs to limit the impact of catastrophies. Not only to save its activity, but also to send out a message of reliability towards partners and customers.

Who needs a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) ?

Every company is struck in case of oute entreprise sera handicapée par un arrêt de ses activités.

The measures to take and the solutions to implement might be different if you look at the company size and the type of activity, but we all nees some kind of security.

Unfortunately, many companies do not want to implement this plan. They often deem it too costly and complex.

Megabyte has become an expert in implementing these plans (DRP,BCP)

Together with our customers we evaluate their activities, the people in charge, the critical business activities, the development of the DRP plan, etc. Then we carry the plan out, either for you or together with you.

Contact us and we will implement your plan

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