Limit and control Internet access in your company

Limit the access to non-professional websites within your company by installing software : control, filter, use time slots, limit Internet connections

“Web control” is a solution that manages internet access to certain types of sites (e.g. pornographic sites) or specific applications (MSN, Facebook, movies and music downloads, etc.).

This solution makes use of the best filter technology available on the market.

The URL filtering has no effect on the surfing comfort of the users nor on the network speed.

Avoid time loss and reduced efficiency amongst your employees

One hour of non-professional surfing per day will cost a company with 100 employees almost 400.000€ per year. Half of your employees check their social networks at least once a day.

Avoid a slow network by controlling internet access within your company.
Unauthorized downloads of music and movies slow down your network considerably and have a serious impact on the efficiency within your company. Internet surfing increases the risk of viruses, malwares, etc.

Applications that are blocked most often, are Facebook, Twitter, audio and video streaming, iTunes, YouTube, etc.

Main features of this solution

  • More than 5.000.000 active users
  • Easy to use and transparency towards the user
  • Prices start at 660€ (excluding contract and work hours)

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