Harmon.ie : Improve your professional organisation
Due to the growing demand for ICT and digitalisation, it is getting increasingly more difficult for you to manage all your computer software and IT services. Businesses really need one single solution that can streamline all their information flows. In an age where classifying and retrieving information has become so important, it is great to have Harmon.ie. Harmon.ie is an efficient solution that allows businesses to better manage large amounts of data. New advanced technology is used to create a unique interface that improves the way professional documents are managed.

Harmon.ie, the ideal solution for improving information accessibility
Harmon.ie helps businesses to make better use of SharePoint, Office 365 and Outlook features. It is possible to make clear archiving decisions and share emails and documents with predefined colleagues. People working together on one single project share document links rather than sending the same attachments over and over again.
Improved accessibility to information means that employees can now focus on their core tasks.

Imagine you are looking for a specific project email. Harmon.ie will show you all the info you need in one single view. This makes it faster and easier to manage your Outlook contacts, messages, calendars and ongoing tasks. Email subject texts are automatically linked with SharePoint to allow easy retrieval with fewer clicks.

Use Harmon.ie and take advantage of its many benefits

The many features of Harmon.ie make it easier to send information from most common programs to SharePoint and Office 365. Classifying and sharing emails and documents with colleagues is also improved. By using document links there is no need to download attachments and everybody involved has access to one single version of the document or email. Sharing shortcuts also substantially reduces the storage space needed. The intuitive and user-friendly interface allows personal app customization. Users can also configure the required level of security for off-line document consultation.

This new and better way of organizing data is a real time-saver. Time you can now spend on your core business. Information you retrieve from all your business software is presented in a more logical way and boosts your creativity.

Project management gets easier : people on the project have access to all the necessary documents (emails, CRM opportunities, social media information flows). Trust amongst colleagues is also increased by using transparent document management.

Please note that only predefined project collaborators have access to the required documents. You will need to distribute the necessary rights to your colleagues before they can access documents in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. This reduces the risk of data leakage.

Personalised version and regular updates

Harmon.ie is the ideal solution for companies that need to work together. Projects that require the analysis of large amounts of data will also benefit from this solution. Harmon.ie combines the features of tools like SharePoint and Office 365, and offers a precise, fast and refined classifying method. Emails are transformed into saved documents and archiving is automated. Its unique interface allows easy follow-up of modified documents, tasks and messages. Changes made by your colleagues are also monitored.
Harmon.ie is the ideal solution if you want to gain time in classifying and managing your professional data, regardless of your business area.

Take your productivity to a whole new level.

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