With Sage 100 Fixed assets, you can regularly manage all your capital goods

Manage your fixed assets with Sage 100 Fixed Assets

Use Sage 100 Fixed Assets for :

  • Acquisition and disposal
  • Calculation of assets depreciation
  • Automated transfer of allocation accounts
  • Posting into Sage 100 Accounting
  • Retrieval of purchase bookings for fixed assets

You identify each fixed asset, follow-up on the acquisitions and disposals, and establish the load forecast budgets.

Sage 100 fixed assets allows you to easily manage all your periodic records. Indeed, the perfect integration of the software allows for a maximized automation of the operations.

The direct link between Sage 100 Accounting and Sage 100 Fixed Assets will help you increase productivity and obtain more reliable information.

Benefits of Sage 100 Fixed Assets software

  • Comprehensive management of capital goods
  • Automated fixed assets files
  • Increased productivity thanks to the integration with Sage 100 Accounting

During the inventory period you wish to  :

  • Re-evaluate your capital goods in all simplicity
  • Automatically transfer your fixed assets’ entries in the inventory in Sage 100 accounting and Sage 100 Accounting and Finance Statements i7

Sage 100 Fixed Assets will allow you to simply :

  • Take advantage of Business, accounting and finance methodology
  • Automate the calculation process and the booking of your fixed assets inventory statements (depreciations, disposal, discarding…)
  • Protect your accounting and finance data, and increase the administrative productivity

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