Benefit from our experience in server management

Your IT system has become an essential part of your company. Over the years, the installation and maintenance have, however, increased in complexity

Megabyte is your server management expert …

Our expertise will help you to see through all the different possibilities that are available on the market. But more importantly, we can advise you based on your actual needs and your core business.

Megabyte provides all kinds of servers (domain controller, mail server, file server, application server, cloud, etc.) which can be added to your network.

Server management : IT Services & consultancy

It is of the utmost importance that your company implements an IT system that is capable of growning together with you.

Megabyte’s team of experts will help you find the best IT environment.

They will advise you and make sure you  :
– distribute your virtual servers efficiently
– choose the right physical servers to accommodate your virtual servers : classic servers, server racks, blade servers, cloud servers, …
– use the best software systems : Windows Server, VMware, Exchange, SQL, … A server with an optimized configuration will help you work more efficiently.

We are specialized in server maintenance, administration and virtualisation.
Our technologies will help you increase your productivity, reduce your costs and handle your IT infrastructure more efficiently.
We will help you to use the latest technology and state of the art servers to increase your profitability and reduce your costs.
Your IT infrastructure will be less complex and your performance optimized.

Megabyte wants to be your unique partner : one single partner for your complete IT infrastructure !

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Server management : maintenance, administration and server virtualization