Our Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is a major evolution in the way companies handle their IT management.
It responds to certain needs regarding mobility, data access and simplified upgrading.
It also makes it possible to spread your investments over a longer period by externalizing server management.

Megabyte offers its clients a stable, economical and trustworthy cloud solution.
Companies come to us for a solution that suits their IT Cloud needs.

We master perfectly all aspects of application software and Cloud servers. That is why we can guarantee our clients a worry-free use of their software: accounting, invoicing, CRM, MS Office and Outlook/Exchange.
Because of our expertise we can also install hybrid Cloud solutions. That way our clients can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Your Data Center

Some companies prefer to place their servers in a Data Center or to rent servers in the Cloud. We use two Data Centers that meet the highest standards regarding:

• Secured and redundant communication lines
• Unrivalled performance thanks to latest generation processes
• Electrical safety, generating sets in case of blackout
• Fire protection through state of the art technology
• Video surveillance and automated access control / Biometric authentication

We can offer you a personalized service. At all times you will know where your data and applications are, and that they are secured.

Your emails and Office in the Cloud

Why don’t you start by putting your emails, Outlook, Exchange server and MS Office in the cloud ?

Microsoft has some very favourable options regarding licences

For a monthly fee of only a couple of euros, you can use your applications anywhere, anytime.

This allows you to store your emails in the Cloud, activate an MS Office 365 licence on 5 devices, … and you are always sure of having the latest version of your favourite software.

Your management software in the Cloud

Our Cloud solutions allow you to use your management software when and where you want.
Accounting, invoicing, order management, CRM, … you have access to your data whenever you want. In your office, at home, when visiting a customer, on the road,…

Do you need our help in finding the best way to store your management software in the Cloud ?

Please contact us. Together we will determine the best, safest and economical solution, based on your needs and budget.

Contact us without any obligation