Be present, whenever and wherever you need to be ! Your presence is efficient, even at a distance…

Video Conference & TelePresence

Running a business is getting more complex every day. Collaboration and speed are indispensable.

How can you make sure that all your collaborators are on the same wave?  How can you be present on all fronts ? How do you keep in touch with all stakeholders in your business ?

TelePresence : Cisco’s new video conferencing generation
TelePresence by Cisco offers a whole new way of collaborating.  This new generation of video conference allows everybody to work together in a more efficient way. People can meet face to face naturally, wherever they are located.

For everyone, everywhere

The size of your company doesn’t matter : whether you are leading a startup company, represent a government agency or work for a multinational… We have a solution for you !

Telepresence is no longer limited to  board meetings. Every type of business can use it for their own benefit.

Why would you choose telepresence ?

TelePresence helps speeding up decision-making, strengthens relationships and cuts down on costs.

Benefits :

  • reduce travel costs
  • take decisions much faster
  • transform your activity
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Etc.

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Megabyte has been offering Cisco video conference and telepresence solutions for many years …