Microsoft SharePoint : Features, web site benefits, price, demo

Microsoft SharePoint is an Intranet / Extranet solution which works with Office and can be integrated in third-party applications, for example with a commercial management tool, a CRM or an ERP.

All data is stored in a central place and are readily available. This dramatically simplifies the tasks of users and administration.

SharePoint benefits

  • All documents are stored correctly. No more cluttered folders on your network
  • Improved project management
  • Massive gain of time during information search
  • Swift implementation
  • Flexible and upgradeable solution

SharePoint features

  • Portal : SharePoint boasts a unique Web interface that lets you create intranet, extranet and Internet sites
  • Documents : SharePoint simplifies document management within a company. All documents are stored in one single location, collaborators have access to up-to-date relevant information concerning invoices, quotes, customer data, price lists, etc
  • Projects : Every user can participate in a data management life cycle. This is strictly regulated and helps you find a perfect balance between user experience, strategies and processes
  • Queries : This integrated platform allows users to search for content, information, business data and contacts
  • Processes and Workflow : the workflow procedure and process are automated
  • Integration and reports : users have access to structured and unstructured data. This allows for the creation of intuitive reports (Excel services, Visio Services, Access services…)

Some examples of the possibilities :

  • Document sharing, contacts, tasks, calendars
  • Publication of personalised info towards clients and suppliers
  • Project management with Gantt charts
  • Use of templates to manage meetings
  • Access through smartphone and e-mail traffic with SharePoint, followed by automated treatment. Example : adding an attachment on the intranet
  • Work offline
  • Use of « Wiki » sites and blogs
  • Creation of processes, workflows and forms
  • Creation of complex reports based on your data
  • Integration of data from other applications (ERP, CRM, Accounting)

SharePoint: Prices

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