Secure access to your documents in Teams

Better control of your document sharing

The Microsoft Teams application allows you to manage your documents securely within your various teams.
However, some naive or even malicious actions of your employees can lead to important data leaks.

Unknown people access your HR documents

Marie, your HR manager, respects your procedures and gives access to a set of documents to John in your social secretariat. What you don’t know is that John himself has shared this access with other people. As a result, people you don’t know are accessing HR documents without your knowledge.

A malicious competitor accesses your sensitive data

The collaboration with Peter, your sales representative, ended badly. Of course, you immediately cut off his access.

What you don’t know is that Peter took care to give his new employer access to the documents of your sales team. As a result, your direct competitor now has access to all your contracts without your knowledge.

Megabyte has expertise in IT security and will help you identify potential security breaches or data leaks.

Megabyte will then determine the actions to be implemented and will act in collaboration with your organisation to secure your business data.