For 2016, Megabyte has identified 3 ICT trends for SMBs on the Belgian market.

Breakthrough of the hybrid cloud

François Bryssinck, Megabyte’s Managing Director, foresees that SMBs will resolutely choose for hybrid cloud solutions. « Over the last years SMBs were convinced that they had to move either their complete IT infrastructure into the cloud either nothing at all. Nowadays they are using common software with a hybrid cloud, for example for mail management. Business-critical applications like accounting software or CRM, however, are maintained within the company. »

Windows 10 continues to grow

Companies will continue to migrate to Windows 10 in 2016. This will help Microsoft to forget the failure of Windows 8. Mr. Bryssinck explains : « In 2015 SMBs were still reluctant to upgrade to Windows 10. Today companies are confident again in the use of a Windows Operating System. Windows 10 offers a pleasant interface and people like its familiarity ».

Software that simplifies accountant’s life

Megabyte also sees some interesting trends regarding business software for Belgian SMBs. Users want to save time by automating accounting and billing procedures. Especially by using software that automates sales and supplier invoices, and electronic bank statements. François Bryssinck concludes : “Today SMBs understand that those software are reliable and powerful, and that they offer a real return on investment. Accountants appreciate these features because they save them a lot of time and decrease the number of human errors. ».

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