QlikView is the market-leading Business Discovery platform

Megabyte, a specialist in IT services and solutions, is adding a new string to its bow. It now offers its customers QlikView, an innovative solution for Business Intelligence. As a QlikView Solution Provider, Megabyte distributes the product developed by the Swedish company QlikTech (NASDAQ: QLIK) and implements all the developments in order to satisfy the needs of its customers.

“Today we can help our customers to leverage the full power of QlikView,” says François Bryssinck, CEO of Megabyte. “Business Intelligence offers real support for companies’ activities. One of the biggest challenges for business decision-makers is making the right decisions at the right time. With a tool such as QlikView, you can get the most from your data and interpret it correctly so as to make decisions that are based on facts. QlikView is highly flexible in comparison with other similar tools: the software enables you to look at data from every angle and is not limited to a few templates. This means a truly customized result for users and contributes to meeting the specific needs of decision-makers and their company. As a certified QlikView Solution Provider, we are now able to deliver even better support to our customers looking to optimize their activities.”

QlikView is interactive reporting software with a unique ability to explore associations. The tool enables data search and matching, and can be used to generate dashboards and dynamic analytics to support decision-making. The software is also available in a mobile version, thus providing users with real-time views, wherever they may be.