Crypto virus – Be careful !

During the last months we have noticed a significant increase in the number of crypto virus attacks.
This malicious software encrypts your files and locks your computer with an unbreakable encryption. Some leave an extortion message on the infected computer demanding a specified amount of ransom in exchange for the decryption key. These are called Crypto Ransomware. To our knowledge, nobody was successful in recovering their infected data after paying the ransom and getting a decryption key from the attackers.

Our advice

Use extreme caution when you open emails, click on links and attachments or pop-ups on Internet.

  • Check the sender’s address (be careful, this is not always a guarantee !)
  • Do not respond to requests for :
    • Unpaid invoices from your mobile operator
    • Bank details from your financial institution
    • Information from various social organizations

Do not open files with the following extensions : « .docm », «.xlsm », « .cab », « .zip », « .exe », not even if you know the sender.

Check your security strategies :

  • Back-up your data
  • Protect your files
  • Get a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP – BCM)
  • Etc.

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