E-commerce requires permanent change

Apik is a brand-new web agency from Louvain-La-Neuve that specializes in the creation of web sites and e-commerce portals. The driving forces behind this new company are François Bryssinck and Marianne Kalgout, administrators of Megabyte, a well-known supplier of IT services & solutions, and Jean-Denis Schampaert. The latter has more than 10 years’ experience in web development and will carry out the day-to-day management of Apik.

Apik focuses on e-commerce, e-business and e-marketing. Furthermore Apik wants to respond to the exponentially growing demand for workable web solutions.

According to François Bryssinck, managing director of Megabyte, an increasing number of customers is looking for a decent web platform: “We believe this is the right moment to start with Apik. As Megabyte focuses on global IT services & solutions, it seemed opportune to set up an independent structure that uses its own dynamics.

Apik’s activities will cover 6 different domains: e-commerce, web sites, custom-made development, audit and technical analysis, digital strategy, and graphic design.

Growing demand for e-commerce sites

Jean-Denis Schampaert, Administrator at Apik and pioneer e-commerce expert, has been a privileged witness to the rise of new technologies. He claims that developing an e-commerce site is much more complicated than creating a regular website. “Selling online has a particular dimension, especially with regard to the underlying financial transactions and the online catalogue. Selling online also requires permanent adjustments and innovations. That is the reason why we study the uniqueness of each customer, and we deliver a suitable solution that generates the necessary web traffic.”

“In order to increase the visibility on the Internet, we use search engine marketing tools, such as SEO and SEA, combined with other e-marketing techniques for every mobile app format.”

Apik prioritizes ergonomics and usability for both end-users and e-commerce providers. Jean-Denis Schampaert: “One single management system is all a customer needs to be in total control: product catalogue, prices, product specifications, orders, deliveries, promotions… It saves a lot of time and money.”

 Apik also handles the integration and migration from and to different specific modules, for example ERP, CRM, PIM, DAM, BI, etc.

The new web agency has all the expertise it needs. “I could pick the best collaborators for our team. I know them through and through, having worked with them for years. It is simply marvellous when you can choose your own colleagues.”

We want to be more than just a web agency. We do not only want to get things moving, but we see ourselves more as architects and companions who can make each customer unique!”, concludes Schampaert.

About Apik

Apik is a web agency, specialized in the creation of web sites and e-commerce portals. The company was founded by Jean-Denis Schampaert, Marianne Kalgout and François Bryssinck, and has 6 employees. The day-to-day administration is carried out by Jean-Denis Schampaert, an expert with more than 10 years’ web experience.
François Bryssinck and Marianne Kalgout are also the administrators of Megabyte, a well-known supplier of global IT services & solutions.
The offices of Apik are located in Louvain-La-Neuve.
More information : apik.be