Connected with BOB 50 Expert and Winbooks, Skwarel helps you digitize and simplify your work and provide a better service to your clients.



  • Collaboration

    • Make it easier to communicate with your customers regarding your accounting entries : suspended accounts, missing invoices, missing payments, etc.
    • Communicate with your customers and receive digital copies of all the documents they send you.
    • Ask questions to your colleagues and leave notes in your files.
  • File Overview

    • See in real-time which customers have responded to your messages or which customer sent you documents.
    • Quickly detect which file contains input errors : double entries, input problems, lay-out, etc.
    • Have access to a powerful dashboard for your accounting firm.
  • Online Compatibility

    • Offer your customers intelligent visual access to their accountancy.
    • Give your customers easy access to their invoice archive (suppliers/customers) in PDF format.
    • Empower your customers so that they can find themselves all information without added-value to your fiduciary (invoice copies, customer revenues, outstanding claims, etc.).

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