WinBooks LOGISTICS offers three main modules : invoicing, stock management and order management. These three distinct modules allow you to adapt your commercial management to your needs.

Generate price quotes, send them via email, file them in PDF formats, convert them into delivery notes or invoices. You can even register your invoices immediately.

  • Invoicing

    Automate your invoicing

    • Generate price quotes, delivery notes and invoices.
    • Manage tailor-made customer prices.
    • Exchange data with Excel.
    • Manage bar codes.
    • Manage customer billing blocks on outstanding or overdue payments, or manage this manually.

    This module comes standard with some very interesting functionalities : documents status management (accepted orders, confirmed, open, partially delivered, paid, etc.), document filing in PDF format and electronic invoice transmission (UBL.2.0) via email.

  • Stock Management

    This module informs you at any given time of the state of your stock, and calculates the value of your inventory through different methods.

    • Follow-up your supplier and customer deliveries in multiple warehouses.
    • Manage goods consignments.
    • Check your inventory value at a specific moment via standard methods (PMP, FIFO, DPA,…).
    • Required module : invoicing and specific price.
  • Order Management

    This module is used to check what still needs to be delivered to your customers or what is still in transit from your suppliers. Both services and merchandise can be handled. At the end of your working day, you only need to close your petty cash balance and send the sales and payments to your accounting.

    • Register customer orders.
    • Manage supplier orders by taking minimum and maximum stock quantities into account. The module also looks at supplier conditions and possible alternatives.
    • Manage back orders.
  • Plug-ins

    Software 100% tailored to your needs.

    Be amazed by our « plug-ins » ! These personalized mini-programmes are easy to install and enable you to automate your commercial management.

  • Taxes

    This module allows you to manage the different Belgian taxes (Fostplus, Bebat, Ovibel, Recupel, Reprobel, …) which require a special treatment.

    • Print detailed calculations (line per line) in your documents.
    • Group your taxes at the end of your document (standard + compact documents).
    • Interface with your BANKSYS terminal (additional module).
    • Add customizable taxes.
  • Size and Colours

    This module allows you to split an article with different sizes or colours. This makes it easier to find a specific article and to register it in your documents.

  • Subscription

    This module allows the automated creation of invoices for clients or groups of clients at regular intervals.

    • Subscribe to the different document types (price quotes, orders, deliveries, invoices (price indexation, …).
    • Individual or collective subscriptions.
    • Automated indexing or on request.
    • Required module : invoicing.

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